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Bella Lettera Means Beautiful Letter

Everyone loves gifts…and personalized ones are always a huge hit.  Whatever the item;  adding a name, event, or special message, makes it something different and unique.  But achieving that personalization through the process of hand engraved script transforms the piece into a treasure like no other and takes your gift giving to the next level.  Hand engraving adds a touch of class that is sure to transform responses from, “That’s nice” to “Wow!  That is amazing!” with just a few thoughtful and artistic strokes of beautiful letters ∼∼∼ Bella Lettera!

Advantage of Engraving by Hand

What is the advantage of engraving by hand over other processes?  Unlike machine engraving in a store, engraving by hand allows for a greater variety of products that can be customized and more flexibility of the message.  You are no longer limited to what is in the retailer’s inventory or how many letters are allowed.  You provide the special item and I will transform it into a one of a kind work of art.  The amount of personalization is determined by you; from simply adding a name to conveying a complete sentiment.  The design is limited only by a collaboration of our imaginations ∼ so the possibilities are endless!

The Process

Contact me with your idea or your gift need.  Bring the item you have in mind.  We will discuss the occasion and the impression you want to make.  I will take the information and make artistic suggestions based on the material and what will have the greatest success.  Together we will decide how to accomplish the perfect final product.  Because of the many factors and possible project variations, pricing and production time is based per project and agreed upon before you leave the item.  No surprise fees.  When you pick up the piece it will have gone through a metamorphosis into a unique gift that is sure to impress!


Creative Ideas

When to Give an Engraved Gift

Because this process allows for so much flexibility, the types of gifts to engrave and occasions to give them are endless.  Some occasions where a personalized hand-engraved gift could be given can be seen below:

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Teacher Appreciation, Employee Awards, Boss's Day, Thank You, I Love You, New Baby,  Graduation, Housewarming, Proposals....

...in other words...ANY event, occasion or holiday and ANYTIME you want to make an outstanding and lasting impression!  But, in reality, you don't have to have a reason!

Gift Ideas

 This process is specifically for glass and metal items.  Each proposed proposed item will be evaluated to ensure success of the project.   


Wine Bottles, Liquor and Liqueur Bottles, Wine Glasses, Toasting Flutes, Perfume Bottles, Commemorative Plates, Glass Bowls, Vases, Mirrors...


Knife Blades, Golf Clubs, Photo Frames, Flasks, Trays, Travel Cups, Metal Compacts, Dental or Surgical Tools...

What to Inscribe

This is your decision.  You can personalize with a name or initials, commemorate a special day with the event name and date, convey a short message or, depending on the piece, a long message or poem.

That’s right…now you are thinking!  Get your creative thoughts flowing and let me bring them to life for you!


About Lori

 Lori Jones Borders

Lori attended the University of North Texas for two years where she studied computer science and business.  She then transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington where she studied architecture and interior design.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design through the School of Architecture and Environmental Design.  After working as a commercial interior designer in Dallas, she decided to take time away from her career to focus on family and raising children.  During this time she volunteered with several organizations, at her children’s schools and participated in various clubs.  For nine years Lori also served on the Texas Epsilon Chapter of Pi Beta Phi House Corporation as Director of Design and Construction.  On this board where she was the liaison between the sorority national house corporation, local chapter, architects, university representatives and construction company responsible for the design and construction the Pi Beta Phi house on The University of North Texas campus.  She later continued her education by taking a class to learn the technique of engraving script by hand on glass and metal using a specialized dental drill.  Now Lori has been able to combine her love of design and creativity and channel it toward a new passion of engraving script by hand.

“Being able to once again immerse myself in something creative, which brings happiness to so many, has brought a new level of joy to my life.  I absolutely love engraving and plan on continuing to do this for many years.”


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